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 M58 Alto: S Series 2nd generation Professional  $2250.00    
This package a durable embroidered trekking case, neck strap & mouthpiece.
Please call for prices on special order plating's and finishes. Call or Email for availability. 
When creating this alto, our mission was clear: Surpass all expectations for an alto coming from Taiwan. Too often, alto saxophones produced today offer no core, little color, and are too thin and hollow sounding. We feel we've addressed all those concerns with this great instrument.

Finally! A rich, crisp ,warm alto with plenty of power and refinement. Our alto would best be described as having a "singing" quality . The upper register is full, clear, sweet, and powerful, with no shrillness. The low register is clear, in tune, and resonant. It maintains a very even sound throughout the range, and has a focused core with a ton of harmonics and color to provide that coveted alto saxophone sound of yesteryear.  The feel of this horn is superb; it is a great fit in the hands and the action allows you to fully express all your ideas in a fluid and nimble fashion.

We are very excited about these altos, and they have been receiving great reviews from customers and technicians alike! When considering an alto that can cover many genres, that has fantastic action, and an amazing tone with a rich, singing quality...look no further than the Viking M58!

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 M58 Low A   Professional  $4450.00
This package a durable flight case with wheels, neck strap & mouth piece

Why do professional Baritone saxophones have to cost $9,000+ to own? The answer: they don't. 

Enter the Viking "Legend Series" M58 professional Baritone. This is an incredibly beautiful and affordable modern baritone saxophone.
These baritones offer a new option to the player. Th m58 bari is a resonant playing baritone with all the fatness and edge you need to hold down a section or hold your own on the stage. These allow you to use a brighter, edgier mouthpiece while still maintaining a complex and fat sound with great bottom.  The weight distribution is ideal, and the beauty of the horn is only matched by its tonal properties. 
Whether you're a seasoned pro or someone looking to get into bari for the first time, you won't go wrong with a  affordable Viking M58. 

 M58 Soprano:  Professional  $1950.00   
 This package includes a durable ABS style case, neck strap & mouthpiece
Please call for pricing on special order plating's and finishes. Call or Email for availability . 

Too often there is a negative connotation associated with the sound of a soprano saxophone. Many sopranos made today are too bright, too thin, or out of tune. We set out to fix those problems with the creating of our Viking M58 one piece soprano.

These horns are reminiscent of the greatest sopranos coming from Paris and Japan, but in a warmer and darker package. These horns have plenty of power and brilliance, but offer that darkness and warmth that truly makes it a fantastic sounding soprano.

Intonation is exceptional on these instruments; we specifically test played various prototypes before achieving success on combining great intonation with an outstanding tone quality.

We feel these sopranos will absolutely compete with anything being made on the market today, and offer the soprano player something different: a REAL saxophone sound. Listen to the sound clips, and check out the amazing aesthetic beauty of these instruments in the pictures. These are serious horns with all the features you want in a great soprano.

We invite you to experience a true soprano saxophone sound with the Viking M58. 

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 M58 S Series 2nd generationTenor.  Professional  $2650.00    
 Second Generation!! F# Standard  with Special S Brass .Add $100.00 for Silver plate

The M58s tenor was developed in the spirit of the Vintage SBA & Mark VI tenor . We added a under slung octave key,silver accents the new improved 803 neck with the LOR to the new generation and are presenting a more custom aesthetic and more value to this model.

These horns provide exceptional intonation, response, and dynamic range. The Viking M58s can cover any musical genre, and is considered a very versatile horn. If you are playing everything from a show pit to a rock and roll band, this horn might be your top choice.  

Take a look at the pictures and listen to the sound clips provided. We feel our horns are the cream of the crop in todays saxophone market, the best horns coming out of Taiwan, and certainly on par with any professional instrument made today.

Take a look at our Customer Comments and Articles Pages to read what many satisfied customers are saying about our saxophones. They love them! Professional players have had an immediate and incredible reaction to these horns; often disbelief that something can sound so incredibly similar to their vintage SBA/Mark VI! 

We invite you to the Vintage French sound spectrum, where you can experience the vintage French sonic quality without the huge price tag. Try the Viking Legend Series M58 s tenors for yourself!

NEW IMPROVED Straight neck one piece M58 Soprano  Honey gold and Un Lacquered RAW BRASS.